jueves, 3 de abril de 2014

THE GOLDEN GATE QUARTET: The very best [resubido a petición]


Alabama Bound 02:31
Basin Street Blues 02:08
Down By The Riverside 02:50
Ezekiel Saw The Wheel 02:06
Glory Hallelujah ! 03:00
Honey Pie 02:04
Invisible Hands 02:50
Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho 02:19
Nobody Knows The Trouble I Have Seen 02:54
Oh Happy Day 04:42
Rock My Soul 02:30
Roll Jordan, Roll 02:22
Round The Bay Of Mexico 02:41
Saint Louis Blues 02:29
Shadrack 02:41
Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child 02:52
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot 03:18
The Dock Of The Bay 02:58
The World Outside (Warsaw Concerto) 02:26
When The Saints Go Marchin' In 02:47


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Peterbono dijo...

Por favor, poderia recarregar o link. Excelente blues. Grato

afterbach dijo...

Re-puesto el link